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Pool Preload Definition

This is a work in progress

You can create a Pool Preload Definition from the Unity Create Menu /Create/PlayMaker/New Pool Preload definition or from the Pool Browser Window

A Pool Definition can contain one or more Pools definition. A Pool Definition lets the developer define the preload amount for a given prefab, saving performances during scene loading. Pool preloads are instantiated during Compilation thus not affecting performances during scene loading.

A Project can have many Pool Definitions Assets. This is to allow Third parties to define their own Pool Preload Definitions.  Simply add the Pool Definition Asset to the package, and PlayMaker will automatically gather all Preload Definition Assets during compilation.

All your Pool Preload definitions are listed in the Pool Browser Window for convenience.


  1. Add/Remove Definition
  2. Pool Prefab
  3. Pool Preload
  4. Enable/disable definition, if disabled, definition is ignored
  5. Global Enable/Disable for all definition
  6. Drag to reorganize definitions



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