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Tween UI Size

Tween the Width and Height of a UI GameObject. NOTE: The actual size is also influenced by anchors!

Game Object
The UI GameObject with a RectTransform component.
Set whether to tween from or to the target size.
The target size for the tween.



Start Delay
Delay before starting the tween.
Ease Type
The type of easing to apply. Turn on Show Easing Preview in the action settings menu to see a curve that represents the easing.
Custom Curve
Custom tween curve. Note: Typically you would use the 0-1 range.
Length of tween in seconds.
Real Time
Ignore any time scaling.
Update Type
How to update the tween:
  • OnUpdate:

    The most common setting for most tweens.

  • OnLateUpdate:

    Update after everything else. Useful if the tween is dependent on another GameObect, e.g. following a target.

  • OnFixedUpdate:

    Used to update physics e.g., GameObjects with RigidBody components.

Loop Type
Looping options.
Finish Event
Event to send when tween is finished.

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