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Play Animation

Plays an animation on a game object. NOTE: The game object must have an Animation component.

Game Object
The game object to play the animation on. NOTE: Must have an Animation Component.
Anim Name
The name of the animation to play. Use the browse button to find animations on the specified game object.
Play Mode
Whether to stop all currently playing animations, or just the animations on the same layer as this animation.
Blend Time
Time to cross-fade between animations (seconds).
Finish Event
Event to send when the animation finishes playing. NOTE: If you use Default Wrap Mode, sometimes the animation never quite finishes and this event won't fire. Workaround: Use ClampForever, or send an Animation Event from the animation itself.
Stop On Exit
Stops the animation when the state is exited.


NOTE: Animations have to be imported as Legacy Animation:


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