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Sample Curve

Gets the value of a curve at a given time. NOTE: This can be used for more than just animation - it's a general way to transform an input number into an output number using a curve (e.g., linear input -> bell curve). This can be very powerful!

Click to edit the curve.
Sample At
Sample the curve at this point.
Store Value
Store the sampled value in a float variable.
Every Frame
Do it every frame. Useful if Sample At is changing.

You can use this action to transform an input number into an output number. Examples:

  • Get the mouse position using GetMouseX and transform it into a camera rotation with dead zone.
  • Setup a relationship between hitpoints left and the volume of a heartbeat audio clip.
  • Transform a random number between 0 and 1 into a normal distribution using a bell curve.

This action is also useful if you need to jump to different points in an animation curve (vs. AnimateFloat which just runs through the animation).


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