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SM2 Set Current Position

Sets the current frame based on a 0-1 value indicating the desired position in the animation. For example, a position of 0.5 would specify a frame half-way into the animation. A position of 0 would specify the starting frame. A position of 1 would specify the last frame in the animation. NOTE: Loop cycles and loop reverse are taken into account. To set the frame without regard to loop cycles etc, check clip 

Game Object
The game object to work with
The desired position value
If true, Loop cycles and loop reverse are NOT taken into account. Rather, it sets the desired frame within the clip, the clip being the series of frames 0-n without regard to loop cycles or loop reversing 
Every Frame
Work every frame so that you can change 'position' without leaving the state
Sprite Manager help here
Download the SM2 package here

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