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Sprite Manager 2 Custom Actions

"Working with sprite-based graphics and animation in Unity is now easy with SpriteManager 2! Features: Automatic sprite atlas generation, Drag-and-drop animation building, Pixel-perfect sprite sizing capabilities, Support for non-uniformly sized sprites, and more!"

You can find Sprite Manager 2 on the Unity Asset Store.

Now, with these custom actions, you can control most aspect of Sprite Manager 2 with playmaker:

Download package:


Note: the ultimate goal is to cover the whole api. Meanwhile If you see anything missing, need a custom action not yet featured, or want to comment: use the playmaker forum, you can request new actions, participate, reports bugs or issues. 

Installation Instructions:

You must own a license of PlayMaker and have it installed on your project.

You must own a license of Sprite Manager 2 and have it installed on your project.

Then you can install the SM2Actions and start using them.

Help and troubleshooting:

For any questions, please us as a first resort the forum

Alternatively, you can also pm the author.

Custom Actions List:





Thanks to Tobbeo who started this project, his financial sponsoring, and the will to share these actions with the community, great spirit.

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