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Photon DemoWorker Create Room Fsm

gui for creating a room.

This Fsm is responsible for showing to the user the Gui to create a room, that is letting the user type the roomy name of his choice, and then call the photon system to actually create that room. Other players will be able to see this newly created room.

The most noticeable feature of this Fsm is that it doesn't do anything on START, rather is waits for the PHOTON / STATE : CONNECTED built in event before actually showing the gui to the user. This is very important: As the scene is loaded, the connection can still be pending, if we allowed the user to create a room while photon is not connected or connecting, we would get a system error.

Without going much in details about how the gui is actually constructed, it basically feature a field, where the user can input, and we use that  to create a room in the state "create room", the GO event was created for the occasion, with a button next to the field input for the user to actually proceed with the room creation. 


Photon Actions used:

Photon Events used


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