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M2H Jump Game

Jump Game is a slightly more advance game using some interesting physics set up. This is a very good sample to study as you start feeling more confortable developing with playmaker and want to go further.


You will need to download first the c# game examples

You can download the package here

The scene has no script and works with the standard set of actions shipped with playmaker, no custom actions created :)

While I create the explanations on each Fsm, please post on the playmaker forum if you have questions about this scene.



  • Player Prefs for storing the highest score made.
  • Extensive use of colliders to detect player, platforms and manage them
  • An hybrid player controller to move and jump ( based on simply translation and forces)
  • A platform spawner that randomly creates and place platforms as the player move up. It also collect and destroy platforms not used anymore.
  • When Game is over, the user can start again.
  • the user of time scaling demonstrating how to pause a game.

Scene setup:

Before you dive into studying them Fsm, you need to first analyse how the scene and the various gameObjects are setup.

The most important set up if the camera and its triggers. Them triggers move with the camera, this is key and the Fsm logic relies on this setup. For example, the BottomTrigger gameObject because attached to the camera is always slightly below the view, which is perfect for detecting when the player failed to land on a platform, we use that to send the "GAME OVER" event.

Fsm descriptions:

This game is made up of 7 Fsm only. Each one is explained and detailed below ( listed by GameObjects followed by the fsm name):



Thanks to Mike Hergaarden (M2H), the one behind these great game samples.


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