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Custom Action Wizard

The Custom Action Wizard generates the framework for a custom action based on the settings you provide.

NOTE: The wizard creates the framework for a custom action, but you still need to code the functionality. See Writing Custom Actions for more info.

Name and Description

Action Name
A unique name for your custom action. Cannot contain spaces.
Shown in the Action Browser and as a tooltip in the Action Editor.



Select Category
Select from one of the built-in categories for the Action.
Custom Category
Create a custom category for this Action.


Generated Code Folder

Root Folder
The root folder for the generated custom action script. 
Action Folder
Sub folder inside the Root Folder.


Add Methods

On Enter...
Select the events that you want the custom action to handle.



Code Preview
A live preview of the code that your settings will generate.
File Path
Shows the final filename of the generated action script file.
Save Custom Action
Save the custom action script.
Find File
Ping the source file in the Unity Project View.
Copy Code
Copies the generated source code to the clipboard.


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