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Shuriken is the new Unity 4 particle system. You can find the Unity documentation here


Shuriken support comes as a package with all the actions and tools needed. You can download the current package below:





Make use of the PlayMaker forum to ask questions, make comments, suggestions and share your knowledge.

Shuriken Actions

Note: You can always access these pages right from Playmaker Action Editor by simply clicking on the little blue book icon with the question mark.

Scene Set up

  1. Attach the component "playMakerShurikenProxy" to the gameObject that will collide with particles.
  2. Attach a PlayMaker Fsm to the same GameObject.
  3. Implement a state with a global transition set to the global event "ON PARTICLE COLLISION". If you don't have that event listed, drag the prefab "PlayMaker Shuriken Bridge" in your scene. Once the global event is available, that prefab is not required anymore ( it's just to register that event automatically)
  4. When receiving the global event "ON PARTICLE COLLISION", use the action "GetNextCollisionEvent" to go through all the particles collision events for that frame ( you will receive only one "ON PARTICLE COLLISION" per update even if several particle collided in that frame). The "GetNextCollisionEvent" will allow you to get the intersection, velocity and normal of the particle impact
  5. "ON PARTICLE COLLISION" event dat contains the gameobject target ( in the gameobject field) and the number of collisions ( the int field) if you need more fine grain controls

Tips: Be careful with the total number of particles impacts in one collision event. Limit yourself to few, it's generaly not important to process them all, but simply have a general feeling, so you can setup a limitation by counting the number of particles during the GetNextCollisionEvent and exit the loop early if you exceed a maximum threshold you have setup.


These packages are proudly automated using uTomate

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