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You can set a Breakpoint on a State in the Graph View. Right-click on a State and click Toggle Breakpoint.

Breakpoints cause execution to pause when that state is entered. Breakpoints can be enabled/disabled from the Debug Menu.

NOTE: The break happens BEFORE any actions are executed on that state, so you can examine the state of the game as you enter the new state.

Press Pause to continue execution.

Breakpoint Indicators

Normal State (no breakpoint):

State with breakpoint:

State with breakpoint and breakpoints disabled:

Setting Breakpoints

There are 2 ways to set breakpoints on states:

  1. Right click on the state and select Toggle Breakpoint from the State Context Menu.
  2. Select the state and select Toggle Breakpoint from the State Editing Tools.

Clearing Breakpoints

You can either toggle individual states off as described above, or clear all breakpoints using the Debug Menu.

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