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Player Input Get Move Vector

Gets a world direction Vector from an InputAction in a PlayerInput component. Typically used for a third person controller with Relative To set to the camera. This works like the Get Axis Vector action for the old Input System.

Game Object
The GameObject with the PlayerInput component.
Input Action
An InputAction used by the PlayerInput component.
Map To Plane
Sets the world axis the input maps to. The remaining axis will be set to zero.
Relative To
Calculate a vector relative to this game object. Typically the camera.
Normally axis values are in the range -1 to 1. Use the multiplier to make this range bigger. E.g., A multiplier of 100 returns values from -100 to 100. Typically this represents the maximum movement speed.
Store Magnitude
Store the magnitude of the vector. Useful if you want to measure the strength of the input and react accordingly. Hint: Use Float Compare.
Store Move Vector
Store the move vector in a Vector3 variable.
Update Mode
When to read the Input.

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