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Animation Settings

Applies animation settings to the specified animation. Note: Settings are applied once, on entering the state, not continuosly. Use Set Animation SpeedSet Animation Time etc. if you need to update an animation every frame.

See Unity Animation Docs for detailed descriptions of Wrap Mode, Blend Mode, Speed and Layer settings.

Game Object
The game object that has the animation.
Anim Name
The name of the animation. Use the browse button to select from animations on the game object (if available).
Wrap Mode
Set how the animation wraps (Loop, PingPong etc.). NOTE: Because of the way the WrapMode enum is defined by Unity you cannot select Once, but Clamp is the same as Once.
Blend Mode
Sets the animation's blend mode.
Speed up or slow down the animation. 1 is normal speed, 0.5 is half speed...
You can play animations on different layers to combine them into a final animation. See the Unity Animation docs for more details.


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