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Photon Cloud Set Up


Photon Cloud Set Up

The major advantage of Photon is its cloud based system which provides an amazingly simple, effective and powerful way to create your game without any server side system to manage.. it's magic :) You don't have to use their Cloud system, you can go all the way with a server, but this is far more involving, so if you are beginning with networking and multi player games and applications, It is strongly recommended that you use the Cloud system.

Simply Follow these simple steps to get up and running with Photon Cloud.

PlayMaker Set Up

From a PlayMaker point of view, a special set of "proxies" is available to bind Photon and PlayMaker together. You will need to follow two simple rules, that the Photon setup wizard will help you with.

  1. Have a "PlayMaker Photon Proxy" prefab in your scene

    Without going into the technical details of this integration, this is simply mandatory: It holds a reference to all the Global Photon networking Events that you will receive during the gameplay.

    You can add this prefab from the Photon Setup Wizard. Click on the orange button "Add photon System to the scene".

    You can add this prefab from the menu PlayMaker Photon->Components->Add Photon Proxy to scene

  2. For each GameObject that will use Photon View, have a "PlayMaker Photon GameObject Proxy" component attached to that gameObject.

            The concept of "photon view" is essential to grasp. It is the same as the Unity Network View

            Same here, Simply put, this will glue together Photon, playmaker and the scene set up to provide a simple way to create and edit your scene.

            The best way to do this is to use the Photon Setup Wizard and follow this procedure.

            You can also add this component manually by first selecting one or more gameObject(s) on your scene and from the menu PlayMaker Photon->Components->Add Photon GameObject Proxy to selected Objects




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