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Error Checking Preferences

Playmaker uses a realtime Error Checker to detect errors while you edit.

These settings let you toggle individual error checks on/off.

Enable Real-Time Error Checker

On large projects the realtime checking can slow down editor performance. You can turn off the realtime checking and use Refresh in the Error Check Window instead.

Disable Error Checker When Game Is Playing

Some scene events can trigger a potentially costly error check. Most of the time you don't want to do this while the game is running.

Check for Required Components

Actions can require that a targeted GameObject should have a specific component attached. This check will highlight actions that fail the test.

Check for Required Action Fields

Actions can specify that some fields are required - they must either have a value or point to a variable. This check will highlight required fields that are not properly set.

Check for Events Not Used By Target FSM

This test checks for events sent by and FSM but not used by the FSM. This helps you track down setup problems.

Check for Transitions Missing Events

This test highlights any transitions that are missing events. A transition without an event will never fire!

Check for Transitions Missing Targets

This test highlights any transitions missing target states.

Check for Duplicate Transition Events

Each transition on a state should use a unique event. Duplicates are ignored since the first event is used.

Check for Setup Errors With Mouse Events

GameObjects require a collider to receive mouse events. This test checks that FSMs that uses mouse events are properly setup to receive mouse events.

Check for Setup Errors With Collision Events

GameObjects require a rigidbody/collider to receive collision events. This test checks that FSMs that uses collision events are properly setup to receive collision events.

Check for Prefab Restrictions

Unity does not allow prefabs to reference scene objects. This test checks action parameters for violations of this rule.

Check for Obsolete Actions

Actions can be marked as Obsolete, recommending an alternate action to use instead. This test will highlight all actions marked as Obsolete. NOTE: There is also an Action Browser preference to show/hide obsolete actions.

Check for Missing Actions

If the source code for an action is removed the action will be replaced with a special Missing Action. This check will highlight all missing actions. NOTE: You can restore missing actions by adding the action to the project and reloading the FSM. DO NOT SAVE FSMs with Missing Actions if you are trying to fix them!

Check for Network Setup Errors

Test for common network setup errors when using Network Actions.




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