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Photon Network Documentation

To Learn Photon, it is essential that you go over the official Photon documentation, even if it gives scripted example, the concepts and methodology is critical to use Photon. Multi player systems are complex by nature.

Photon Global Events

A set of global events has been created to get feedback from the Photon Networking engine and what's happening in the scene and multi user environment so that you can in turn act upon these events. 

The exhaustive list of photon related global events is available here.

Photon Actions

You can find below the list of Actions for Photon. you can always access these helps right from PlayMaker editor by clicking on the little blue book icon available for each Action.

Photon Network Actions

Photon View Actions

Photon GUI Actions

Photon Proxies

Photon Proxies are essentials components that glue together Photon Networking engine and PlayMaker Engine so that you can work with both. The Photon Set Up Wizard has been designed to check and help you set up scenes and gameObjects with them proxies so you don't have to learn or understand how they work.


Basic MultiPlayer scene.

The available sample is called "DemoWorker" and is an exact replication of the actual sample provided with Photon, but all done with PlayMaker. It is very important to at least glance through the few important Fsm's used for this scene to get acquainted with the basics.

Access the DemoWorker documentation here


For any help, trouble, questions, comments, critics,  you can use the PlayMaker forum and mention "Photon" in the thread title, we will do our best to answer and solve your problems.


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