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NOTE: Common Add-ons are also available in the Welcome Screen > Add-ons Manager.

PlayMaker Editor Extensions

Tools and services to use during development within Unity Editor.

An integrated browser for new actions etc.


Unity Action Packs

Free Actions Packs for core Unity functionality.

Actions for the skinned mesh blendshape system in Unity 4.
Actions for the Shuriken Particle system in Unity 4.
Tools for the new Unity UI system.
Actions for the Unity pathfinding system.
Actions and Input Settings for Compliance with IOS Game Controllers.


Third Party Tools

Third party libraries that have custom actions or advertise Playmaker support.

If you want support for a third party extension not listed here, please make a request on the forum.

It's hard keeping up with assets adding Playmaker support!
You can use this Asset Store Search to find more addons.
The complete video playback system.
An efficient and flexible 2D sprite and text system.
New 2D Toolkit UI actions.
AdColony Advertising SDK actions pack.
A community project to support Aron Granberg's A* Pathfinding library.
A high performance database, ACID-compliant, and multi-threaded.
A feature-packed 2D and 3D adventure game creation kit.
A plugin to import animation from Adobe After Effects to your Unity project.
A simple yet effective toolset against popular cheating methods.
A fast easy dynamic pathfinding now with PlayMaker custom actions
A powerful effects framework.
Powerful tools for MJPEG and MPNG video.
Unity Asset for Google play service for leaderboard and achievement for android
Full time control to Unity. Easy to use, optimized for performance and can handle any scenario you have in mind.
Pooling & combat systems, pickup support, player stats, enemy waves etc.
Fast Spline Interpolation.
Custom actions for cInput, a custom input manager for Unity.
Custom actions for the CNControls pack.
Control Freak is a mobile input system with tons of features.
Download Playmaker Actions for Daikon Forge from the Extras menu.
A powerful and easy new way to build up your game's data using a hierarchy.
Easily add interactive dialogue to your game.
Easy online leaderboard.
This is a many-in-one package that greatly simplifies the implementation of standard features
on mobile including advertising, in-app purchasing, game services, native sharing, and more.
The Fast and Simple way to Save and Load Data.
Use EasyTouch easily with PlayMaker with 50 Actions and example scenes.
Easy, fast, and powerful progress bars.
An integrated 2D-sprite extension.
Explodes any mesh in real-time
Makes Everyplay work with PlayMaker! 17 Actions included!!
Facebook SDK integration with PlayMaker support
The final Inverse Kinematics solution for the game developer. Playmaker Actions.
Easily detect and react to common input gestures.
Fracture / break / slice / explode an object.
Add slot machine bonus games to your project.
The easiest way to track player behaviour.
A 3rd person camera, RPG camera, RTS camera and more.
Manager your data in Editor and in Game
Google Spreadsheet for data management
The Google Play Games plugin for Unity allows you to access the Google Play Games API through Unity's social interface.
Visually measure, compare and analyze data that changes over time.
Great grid system for Unity, with official PlayMaker support.
Suspend the entire scene or just groups of objects without code.
A fast, type-safe object-oriented tween engine.
the most complete localization system available for Unity.
This plugin implements the Prime31 In App Purchase plugin into PlayMaker. Works on Android and IOS.
InControl is an input manager for Unity3D that standardizes input mappings across platforms for common controllers
Full secure login and registration.
A low cost, easy to use helper library for Unity touch inputs.
Easily create awesome custom inspectors.
advanced & easy to use battle A.I. for PlayMaker!
A highly flexible inventory, that can be used for all game types and is very flexible & optimized.
Makes it easy to add leaderboards and achievements.
Gives access to native methods on IOS, with official support for PlayMaker.
This plugin implements the Prime31 In App Purchase plugin into PlayMaker.
Unity orbit camera solution.
Out of the box Unity minimap solution.
The Ultimate Spawn Toolkit.
Develop for Kinect with Playmaker!
Custom actions for using LeanTween tweening engine with Playmaker.
Custom actions for using LeanTween tweening engine with Playmaker.
Handle localization of any text and audio in any number of languages.
An amazingly intuitive HD Cutscene and Dialog UI System.
A relationship and personality simulator for Unity.
M2h localisation system using google docs.
A highly customizable level selector and manager.
An expandable, modular particle engine.
Master Audio is a TOTAL solution to all your extensive gaming audio needs.
A set of over 50 actions to allow MegaFiers to work easily with PlayMaker.
Takes the pain out of MIDI!
Actions for MixPanel Mobile Analytics
Traffic starter pack for 1st, 3rd Person, Open World, City Builder or other games.
Third person character movement for your game. Features a PlayMaker Controller
A re-implementation of the Unity tag system to allow for multiple tags on the same GameObject.
A very powerful UI system and event notification framework.
A comprehensive set of PlayMaker actions for working with NGUI.
A xaml based GUI system with full set of PlayMaker actions provided by the author.
Add interactive maps (like Google Maps and Google Earth) to your applications.
Behaviour tree implementation designed for everyone - programmers, artists, designers.
Actions to work with the Parse SAAS system.
Useful new actions for PlayMaker.
Photon Networking actions.
Dedicated playerpref encryption solution for PlayMaker
Polygonal based 2D pathfinding solution using A*.
Manages instances more efficiently to increase performance.
A popup widgets collection for uGUI with Playmaker support.
A AAA fullscreen image postprocessing effect creation system.
Brings the ease of use of the dynamic tag system (PAT) to Playmaker.
Android, IOS or bundle playmaker action package
Android, IOS or bundle playmaker action package
Quickly set-up a camera for any kind of 2D game.
Complete set of motion capture animations, to build a seamless, third person perspective character with rifle movement for your game.
Allows you to remotely modify your game's settings after it has been released.
An advanced input system that completely redefines how you work with input.
Paint scenes easily using 2D or 3D tiles.
An automated lip sync, eye movement, and facial expression system.
Advanced PlayerPrefs based on JSON serializer framework.
The fast and easy solution for creating level based games without the fuzz.
GUI add on for pushing scores, achievements, collected power ups, chat...
Protect your Unity games from hacking.
30 pre-made effects and thousands of user defined effects.
Object pooling system made 100% with Playmaker actions.
Integrate database storage into your game or project.
Create waypoints and paths for GameObjects to follow.
SmartLocalization support for PlayMaker
An easy to use Prefab Pooling solution.
A cool 2D Skeletal Animation Editor.
Facebook and Twitter actions for the Prime31 Social Networking plugins.
Facebook and Twitter actions for the Prime31 Social Networking Android plugin.
Facebook and Twitter actions for the Prime31 Social Networking iOS plugins.
Handle all sound in your game quickly and easily--with style.
A playmaker based sprite system.
A powerful 2D sprite libary.
Actions to access the Sqlite C API.
A powerful Inventory, Character Stats and Item system.
Scripts to use Playmaker with the SteamVR Plugin.
Over 170 motion captured animations for characters armed with a sword.
Integrates TestFlight, cloud based iPhone testing and deployment system.
Your ultimate framework for creating ANY 3rd person game.
An easy-to-use, intuitive and powerful tile-based game creator.
TouchScript is a multitouch library for Unity. Inspired by iOS, TouchScript makes handling complex gesture interactions on any touch surface much easier
The NEXT-GEN procedural camera & weapon animation system.
Creating a 2D game is now a snap in Unity!
PlayMaker support for UniDuino and Arduino boards
Custom actions for the Unity FS Flight System
Powerful save game system with Playmaker support.
Free and easy solution to add chat, friends, leaderboards, achievements and even guilds in games
A powerful cut scene creation tool.
The ultimate professional line-drawing utility!
A complete virtual control solution for touchscreen devices.
An Authoring Tool for Text Adventure Games.
Powerful Augmented Reality engine
Playmaker actions for Prime31 Vungle Ad Revenue plugin.
Custom actions for iGUI.
Stress free audio!
Coming soon...
Coming soon...
Coming soon...


Starter Kits

Frameworks to make specific game types with Unity and PlayMaker.

Everything you need to make your own endless 3D running game.
A simple to use third-person perspective, top-down shooter framework.
Get started quickly with your own fully featured Playmaker blackjack game.
The most advanced breakout experience on the Asset Store!
A complete Match 3 PlayMaker project.
Make your own racing, drifting, stunt or other games involving land vehicles.
A complete Match 3 PlayMaker project.
The perfect beginner’s project. Explore key game development concepts in Playmaker and Unity3D.
A PC and Mobile FPS Game Template with enemy pathfinding and behavior.
A PC and Mobile Stealth Game Template.
Give your project’s credits a professional polished feel.
A physics driven Space kit with ship a customization system, a hardpoint mounting system, basic stat system and working weapons/health.
A complete Pinball PlayMaker project. Includes touch controls.
Get up and running quickly with your Playmaker platformer project.
A bundle of the most popular packs from 3D Sauce.
Accelerate your development of top-down shooter games with this shmup starter kit.
A complete Slingshot PlayMaker project.
A Tower Defense PlayMaker project.
A single player driving and racing game with AI cars.
Everything you need to create a compelling word search game using Playmaker.



Libraries that extend the core PlayMaker functionality.

A complete solution to work with arrays and hashtables right within Playmaker.
Track of all messages and events fired within your scene. Great for debugging!
An extension of PlayerPrefs system to accept more data types: vectors, quats, rects, colors, etc
An extension for PlayMaker to work with a Timeline.
DataMaker (Xml, Json)
Work with json and xml data from files, strings or generated during the game. Query Xml using xPath!





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